About Us

Bliss International Group has the expertise and resource to work with the client from the initial site visit through to the opening of the facility, working closely with the client's technical and marketing team at all stages. However, depending on the needs of the project, clients may select any of the below Consultancy services to address the particular needs of their project. We also have the expertise and team to set up all areas of Health and Fitness.

Bliss Group provides a comprehensive range of services at a very high level of professionalism, interpreting, developing and implementing the client's brief and requirements into a reality which is innovative, competitive and profitable.

Vision and Mission

  • To generate consistently profitable returns for our shareholders from investments in core business activities.
  • Providing direction, financial resources and management support for each operating unit.
  • Establishing a major market presence for our activities.
  • Dynamic and innovative management, teamwork and a commitment to excellence.
  • A great place to work where people are inspired to be the best they can be.
Everyting we do is inspired by our Vision and Mission.


  • Transparency - All functions of Bliss International Group revolve around our core value of transparency. We communicate openly amongst ourselves, our customers and other investors to avoid misconception. We have implemented systems that record all aspects of our dealings and enforce each transaction to be processed transparently. Our growth story is written with transparency.
  • Honesty - We are honest to our clients, our organization, other partners and ourselves. We don't just believe that honesty is the best policy but we practice it in our everyday life. We trust our stakeholders and give them full freedom to conduct business without any impunities checks. Our customer loyalty is our reward for honesty.
  • Integrity - The essential criterion to become a member of Bliss International Group team worldwide is integrity. Our consultants uphold professional ethics while discharging their responsibilities. We resist all pressure, whether it comes from clients, suppliers or stakeholders to take shortcuts as we do not compromise our ethical standards and beliefs.
  • Speed with accuracy - We work hard, smart and fast never compromising on accuracy. Our service is on time, every time. Our growth to a worldwide organization in record time is a testament to our philosophy of not wasting time. Our knowledgebase, expertise, talent, client base and balance sheet grow with speed.

Board Members

  • Mr. V.Varghese


  • Mr. Rashid Al Haadi

    Director & UAE Sponsor

  • Mr. Vishal Varghese

    Co- Founder and Director
    Business Developments & Investments

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  • Mr. Adrian Hockley

    Director Operational and Planning

  • Ms. Zahra Rezaei

    Executive Director & Partner

  • Miss. Yesim Engin

    Managing Partner
    Wellness Projects - Dubai

  • Mr. George Tharakan

    Chief Investment Officer

  • Mr. Siddhath Garrimela

    Partner & Director of Interior Design

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  • Mr. Madan Misra

    Bliss Grand Hotels & Resorts, Dubai UAE

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  • Mr. GP Ashok Nair

    Managing Partner
    & Head of Wellness Division

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  • Mr. Chandan Navlani

    Risk Advisory Consultant

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  • Mr. Dipu M Baby

    Managing Partner - India & USA

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